California Child Support Obligors

In accordance with Section 17520 of the Family Code, BREA is precluded from issuing or renewing a full-term license if the applicant is on a list of persons (obligors) who have not complied with a court order to provide child support payments. The Department of Child Support Services compiles the list which includes all counties in California.

BREA will issue a 150-day license to an otherwise qualified applicant who is on the list of child support obligors. BREA will advise the applicant that the license applied for cannot be issued unless a release is furnished to BREA from the Department of Child Support Services during the 150 days.

BREA also receives a supplemental list of obligors who are over four months delinquent in child support payments. BREA compares this list to the total real estate appraiser licensee population. If there is a match of an existing licensee and the license is not due for renewal for at least six months, the licensee will be advised that the license will be suspended if the delinquency is not cleared within 150 days. The suspension will remain in effect until the delinquency is cleared.

Chief's Regulation 3582 requires that a licensee or applicant whose name appears on a certified or supplemental list pursuant to Section 17520 of the Family Code pay a reimbursement fee of $140 to BREA.