Frequently Asked Questions - Licensing


For USPAP-related questions, see the Appraisal Standards Board's Frequently Asked Questions.


Question: What is the status of my (upgrade, renewal, initial) application?

Answer: To check the status of your application, click here: Check Your Application

Question: What courses and requirements do I need in order to upgrade my license to a Residential, Certified or General License?


Question: What continuing education courses do I need to complete for my renewal?

Answer: Continuing Education Requirements

Question: What do I need in order to apply for an initial trainee license, initial residential license, initial certified residential license, or certified general license?

Answer: Application Procedures

Question: What can I count towards work experience and as logged hours?

Answer: Work Experience Requirements

Question: What courses are acceptable for basic education?


Question: What courses are acceptable for continuing education?


Question: What do the License Levels mean (i.e. AT, AL, AR, AG)?

Answer: Summary of Each License Level

Question: Can I e-mail my change of address?

Answer: Change of Address

Question: How can I verify the validity of a license or find a licensed appraiser in my area?

Answer: For information on California licensed individuals, you can check our Find An Appraiser page. You may also check the Appraisal Subcommittee's website at to search for licensees in other states.

Question: How do I obtain publications and application forms from BREA?

Answer: You may access our handbook, forms and publications page, and a complete listing of BREA approved schools via our website.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free via a link on our website. However, if for any reason you are unable to obtain the information from our website, you may call our office at (916) 552-9000 and we will mail the information to you.

Question: How can I obtain a list of course providers? Are any online courses approved?

Answer: You may perform a search of currently approved courses and providers. Note: These lists do not include all accredited colleges and universities, who also offer courses that can be used for appraisal education.

The schools approved to offer online education courses have the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC) designation on the BREA approved list of courses and providers.

Question: What if lenders won't let me sign appraisals as a Trainee licensee although I have a co-signer who is certified at the appropriate level for the type of property being appraised and in good standing with BREA?

Answer: Earning Acceptable Experience as a Trainee

Question: How can I gain acceptable experience as an unlicensed appraiser?

Answer: Obtaining Experience Without a License

Question: What states have reciprocity with California, and how do I apply for a reciprocal license?

Answer: Initial Out-Of-State (Reciprocal) Licensees