Course Provider and Course Search Tips

For best results, enter less information rather than more. Don't try to fill in all the blanks on the search form as this will almost always yield no results. If you are not sure about the spelling of a name, enter fewer characters to get more results. When using an initial in a name search, do not enter a period after the initial.

Format: The method of course instruction (i.e. classroom or online).

Classroom Education: Classroom education courses and seminars are physically attended by the students.. They are presented "live" by an instructor who meets BREA requirements, and are presented in a classroom setting.

Online Education: Online education courses include those offered via internet, video, computer study, etc.

BE Hours: Courses that can be considered for basic education. Basic Education courses are taken to qualify for licensure. They may also be used for continuing education if taken within the CE cycle.

CE Hours Courses that can be considered for continuing education. Continuing education courses are used to renew an existing license and must be taken within a licensees CE Cycle.

National USPAP (7 hours): Courses that meet the 7 hour National USPAP Update Course continuing education requirement.

National USPAP (15 hours): Courses that meet the National USPAP Course requirement for basic education.

Laws & Regs: Courses that meet the Federal and State laws and Regulations requirement for continuing education.

Basic Education Module Search: Courses that meet the basic education course requirement for the specified modules.